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I am an older woman 69, and have had foot issues such as hammer toe
bunions, callous, corns and planters warts most of my life.
Many surgeries throughout the years and 1 toe amputated.
I have wore orthotics for years and I find it difficult to walk in bare feet.
Just in the past month, it was suggested I visit Danielle before being fitted for insoles.
She explained my multi foot issues and began her magic on my feet. When I left her office,
I could have danced across the floor. She relieved all pain in my feet and 3 weeks later, still pain free!


I highly recommend Danielle for careful, thorough, professional treatment in a friendly, comfortable space.


Highly recommend. I went to see Danielle after years of foot pain that made walking extremely uncomfortable and in just an hour she was able to come up with an amazing treatment plan and had me leaving her office feeling 100x better. I will absolutely be returning for further treatment and highly recommend Danielle and her services to anyone who asks

Karen P.

I had the most wonderful footcare given to my feet by Danielle Bible.

She is a well qualified practical nurse trained in doing all aspects of foot care needed by you, the customer.

Do not hesitate to contact her for her care.

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